Why You Get Fat When Depressed – And What to Do About It

Sydelle Enoch 

Your body is a lot more connected than you think. When you’re depressed, you gain weight. If you know how, you can stop it.

When you get depressed, a lot of things happen. Some people get tired and don’t want to eat very much at all. Other people tend to eat a lot of food and gain weight. There are cases where people gain weight without excessive eating, too, just because they’re depressed. There are a lot of factors at work here that are affecting your wellbeing and it’s important that you get to the bottom of things once and for all.

Why You Get Fat When Depressed - And What to Do About It

Depression means that you’re lacking energy. It means that you are tired, stressed out, and unmotivated. You are probably doing less active things and not focused on anything more than simply existing. You might be eating more, but even if you’re not, your activity level has gone down and you’re likely to gain weight as a result. Being depressed is the perfect storm for weight gain because you have the tendency to want to eat horrible foods that make you feel good and you aren’t moving around much or getting active, so that extra weight just adds up.

There are ways to combat weight gain during depression, of course. You should take the time to look at your options and find a plan that works. It can be hard to do anything while you’re depressed but if you take the time to get the facts it will be easy to find a solution. Start by making healthier choices in snacks. Buy a foot pedal bike or find something else small that you can do to keep moving. That way, you’re getting a little bit of exercise and movement and not just sitting around.

Another way to stave off the weight gain of depression is to find something else to do when you feel like eating all the time. If you’re just laying around eating all day, you’re definitely going to gain some weight. Whenever you get the urge to snack and you aren’t really hungry, redirecting your attention will stop you from eating and keep you from gaining even more weight. Of course, there are natural health supplements that can also help you with weight loss support and mood improvement, so that’s another thing to consider. If you know what you’re getting into, it’s easy to avoid weight gain during depression periods.