Top 3 Reasons for Breast Enhancement

Sydelle Enoch 

Having large and full breasts can help a woman a lot. For some, it helps them fit into dresses that make them appear sexier and further enhances their curves. For others, it makes them a lot more self-confident. The reasons can either be for cosmetic or medical purposes. Some women undergo breast enhancement surgery because they have undergone mastectomy or the removal of one or both breasts. But one thing is for sure, women need to think about their decision to get breast enhancement exhaustively and consider all their available options.

Some of the top reasons for breast enhancement are as follows:
Top 3 Reasons for Breast Enhancement

  • Asymmetrical size and shape of the breasts
  • Breasts are perceived as too small
  • Sagging breasts due to pregnancy and weight loss/gain
  • Reconstruction after mastectomy

Breasts Are Perceived as Too Small

Women may find their breasts too small and/or unattractive. Women who think their breasts are small may have low self-confidence and have negative self-image. They might even restrict themselves from wearing the clothes they like because it does not flatter their body. For this reason, women may see breast enhancement as a good way to lift up not only their breasts, but also their self-esteem.

Asymmetrical Size and Shape

Just like perceiving the breasts as too small, women who have asymmetrical breasts may also be suffering from low self-confidence. Asymmetrical size and shape of the breasts is common among women, however, it can still affect them in a much deeper level. They may see themselves as unattractive and unappealing thus they feel the need to enhance and correct the size and shape of their breasts.

Weight Changes and Pregnancy

The body changes as a woman goes through pregnancy and weight changes. Her breasts may be small at one point, and then becomes bigger for some time and lose their bounce and natural perkiness as more changes in her weight are taking their toll. How the body changes as a whole may affect their breasts too. Because of this, restoring their sexier and pre-pregnancy body is considered as one of the top reasons for breast enhancement.

Reconstruction after Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer patients who have gone through mastectomy may feel the need to make themselves whole again. By undergoing breast enhancement surgery, they can feel more attractive and compete again.


Breast enhancement, especially those that involve surgery is risky business. While you may have the top reasons for breast enhancement, you still need to consider the various risks that come with it. First, not all surgeries are successful and minor or serious complications are always possible. When done unprofessionally, something could go wrong and pose serious side health implications. You may also need to get other surgeries when you need to correct or remove the implants for whatever reason/s. The possibilities are endless.

But if you are set to get breast enhancement, you will need to think it over again and be sure to find an experienced and licensed surgeon to perform the procedure. This will minimize risk and help in ensuring that you will be satisfied with the results of the surgery.