The 5 Best Anti-Aging Yoga Exercises

Sydelle Enoch 

Yoga is known to bring forth anti-aging benefits. It coordinates a number of poses that require balance to hold. This coordination and the breathing exercise are what boost your ability to use yoga as an anti-aging exercise. It helps you stay young and energetic. The following yoga exercises are bound to keep you physically fit and maintain a glowing facial look.

Anti-aging Yoga

1. Downward Facing Dog Pose

Anti-aging Yoga Exercises

This is an exercise that keeps you looking young and revitalized. With a mat ready at hand, start by getting down on all your fours and follow this by spreading your fingers apart from each other.

Ensure that your shoulders are above your wrist level. Your knees must also be above your ankles. Extend your right leg as far as you can on the mat. Lift your back and hips with your head low on the ground. This position, you are facing your legs and your body is shaped like an upside-down letter V.

Try this pose for about three minutes daily and enjoy the benefits in the long term.

2. Standing Forward Bend
In an attempt to stay young and active, try this exercise. Stand with your feet apart to create a balance. In this position, bend over towards your front folding yourself. When folding yourself, you are attempting to meet your head and your legs. Ensure that your feet remain straight. You are only folding from your waist.

In this position, you can twist your arms in any position that makes you comfortable. Relax your head and neck to avoid cramping. Stay in this position for about a minute.

3. Supported Shoulder Stand
Other than being an anti-aging yoga pose, this exercise is ideal for many other health benefits. It is not only simple to achieve but it also relaxing. To get started, lie down on your back on the mat. Lift your entire body in an upward direction. As you raise your body, support it using your hands so you do not drop easily. Put pressure on your lower back using your fingers to maintain that position.

4. Plow
With this exercise, lie down on your back as well. Lift your body just like with the supported shoulder exercise. Once you are up, lower your legs towards your face until they touch the ground. Lower your hands in the opposite direction which helps you get some support.

5. Bridge
Start by lying down on your back. Get comfortable then bend your knees. Try lifting your tailbone and your head at the same time. Ensure that your hands are below the pelvis. Hold this position for about eight breaths.

Are These Yoga Effective?

These yoga exercises are very effective. This is because they help you keep you physically fit. In addition, just like with other exercises, it helps to rid your body of toxins. The relaxation and breathing also help to manage stressors. These benefits come together to rejuvenate the entire body thus keeping you healthy and looking younger.

How these Yoga Exercises Work?

What is it that these yoga exercises do for your body to make it work? These yoga exercises are meant to relax your body while at the same time keep you physically fit. It provides your muscles with more elasticity, tones your tendons and ligaments. In addition, it reduces fat and slows weight gain. In respect to the heart,it calms your heart rate and eases your mind. This promotes both spiritual and bodily peace.

An improved posture is an asset when it comes to yoga. In this, it helps you from developing a bad posture which is a feature that an aging body will most likely suffer from. Yoga will also strengthen your back and shoulders as well as promote a strong sense of overall balance.

All these are important aspects of ensuring that you remain young and healthy.

In this, these yoga exercises work to help you stay young. They are simple and easy to work with. In addition, they require very little of your time. As a result, you will have a stronger body with the lean exercise program, manage your weight and at the same time manage any stressful activities with ease.

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