Lower Ab Workout Exercises: 3 Exercises for Greater Results

Sydelle Enoch 

As you begin a workout routine in your endeavor to obtain six pack abs, it helps to understand with muscles within the abdomen provide the greatest benefits toward achieving this objective. The muscles that should receive the most attention are the upper abdominals, oblique and lower abdominal muscles in this region of the body. When considering various exercises, keep in mind that the lower abdominals are the most difficult to see results. A lower ab workout exercises routine should incorporate specific movements to help these muscles appear more developed. Most workout routines focus on the upper abdominals while leaving the lower abs to appear flabby.

Lower Ab Workout Exercises

As part of your daily routine, the upper abdominals provide more support to accomplish the desired tasks. Combined with an effective exercise routine, this allows these muscles to gain more apparent benefits from your efforts. Taking more time to focus on lower ab workout exercises will result in a more even appearance for the entire abdomen. This will help all of the muscles within this area of the body build the necessary strength to obtain the results you desire. Fitness experts have designed a variety of exercise routines that can be performed at the gym or during your spare time at home.

As part of a comprehensive lower ab workout exercises regime, the jackknives exercise is a proven technique that can strengthen the lower core muscles. Position your body in a manner with the arms raised upwards above your head while lying flat on your back with the toes pointed away from your body. Next, lift the legs perpendicular to the ground and begin crunching your midsection. The proper posture will allow the back to remain flat on the ground as you attempt to reach for the ends of your toes. This will provide the burn needed to strength the lower abdomen muscles.

The Sicilian sit-ups are a variation of the traditional sit-up exercise that provides tremendous benefits to the lower abs. As you position your body in the regular sit-up stance, reach your arms upwards above your head in a straight line. After you crunch up and begin descending back toward the ground, use your arms to reach upwards. This extension of your upper limbs requires the use of your lower ab muscles and is part of an effective lower ab workout exercises ritual.

One final exercise that can be used to develop your lower ab muscles is the hanging leg raises. Using a secure pull up bar, allow your body to hang downward with your feet resting on the bar. Carefully lift your upper body until you resemble the letter L. The lower abs is the major muscle that will benefit from this procedure. As part of any regular exercise routine, makes sure to watch our diet and stretch before attempting to use the affected muscles. To see the best results, perform an ab workout every other day to allow time for your muscles too properly rest and rebuild.