Is Your Diet Working? Evaluating Your Current Program

Sydelle Enoch 

Getting started on a new diet isn’t easy. It takes determination, courage, and commitment to change your eating and exercise habits. But there is one thing that’s more difficult: sticking to that diet. After a few months or even weeks of dieting, many people decide that they’ve had enough, and that they just aren’t seeing results. They begin to wonder: is it time to try a different diet? They begin to question whether or not this diet is really for them; after all, every body is different. But they may be giving up too soon. Fortunately, there are ways to ascertain whether or not it’s really time to switch to a new diet.

Diet Working

If you’ve been asking yourself the question, “Is it time to try a different diet?” you should first ask yourself a few questions about the diet you’ve been on. You should ask whether or not you’ve been seeing any results on this program. You should ask whether or not it’s costing you any money to be on this program, and whether or not it’s too expensive. You should ask whether or not you have enough time to follow this program adequately. If you don’t have enough time to stick to it, you won’t, and it won’t do you any good.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is it time to try a different diet?” then you should also ask yourself if you’re enjoying the food you’re eating on this diet. If eating is misery for you, then you could easily lose the motivation to stay on track. You should ask yourself if you have any more energy now than you did when you first started this program. And, ultimately, you should ask yourself if you’re really happy with this program. If it hasn’t improved your quality of life, it may be time for a change.

But, then again, you don’t want to give up too soon or even give in to yourself. If you need to lose weight, then chances are that you’ve spent a little too much time giving in to yourself, and that’s how you got into this position in the first place. If you’re going to ask, “Is it time to try a different diet?” you also have to be willing to ask, “Have I given this diet a fair chance?” If you have unrealistic expectations, then, ultimately, no diet will work for you to your satisfaction, and you’ll forever be starting diets without waiting to see whether or not they really work.

If you ask yourself the question, “Is it time to try a different diet?” and you conclude that is in, indeed, time to move on to a different strategy, then you should consider the reasons why this diet didn’t work for you. That can help you to choose a different strategy next time that will better fit your lifestyle and needs. A failed diet isn’t strictly a failure; you’re just in the process of narrowing down your choices to see which diet really works for you.