How to Know Your Diet is Working – Track Your Progress

Sydelle Enoch 

Any time you’re working on a long-term goal, it’s important to check your progress. It helps you to make sure that you’re on target, helps you to identify areas in which you need to improve, and even helps to keep you motivated so that you do reach your goal eventually. When it comes to weight loss, it’s especially important to check your progress.

Not only is it fun and fulfilling to see how much progress you’ve made, but it can help you to evaluate what methods and tactics work best for you and help you the most. There are several indicators of success that you can use to track your progress.

How to Know Your Diet is Working

Physical indicators of success involve tracking your actual weight loss and measurements. Keeping track of your weight can be helpful, but it’s not the only physical way to measure your success.

In the beginning of your weight loss regimen, you may gain weight before you lose it because you have to gain muscle before you can effectively lose fat. At this stage, it may be more helpful to measure the size of your waist, hips, chest, arms, calves, and thighs in order to track your progress.

Taking body composition measurements or a body mass index can also help you to have an accurate picture of your progress.

Your energy levels can also be indicators of success. If you’re feeling less sluggish, if you have more energy, if you’re able to get up in the morning more easily, and if you fall asleep faster at night, these are all signs that your energy levels are improving.

You can also think about whether or not it’s easier for you to perform daily tasks, such as going up and down stairs, walking a few miles, or even comfortably tying your shoes. A positive outlook is a sure sign of success.

Psychological indicators of success can also be used to measure your overall progress. As you continue to experience success in your diet or exercise regimen, you’ll find that your mood will improve and that your general outlook on life will become more positive. You’ll experience more joy and feel generally happier than usual.

You’ll have a positive outlook on life and will find that you can go about your daily business with more ease than usual. When it’s easier to do the mundane things in life, you’ll find that you enjoy doing them more.

Finally, some of the most gratifying indicators of success are outside unbiased opinions. If you’re losing weight, people will tell you so. You’ll start getting more compliments on your appearance. People are generally supportive and encouraging when their friends and family start losing weight. You’ll even be able to look at old photos and realize objectively that your appearance is improving.

By seeing that you really are improving and that there are changes that not only you but others can see, it’ll be much easier for you to stay motivated and to stay on track until you’ve reached your goals.

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