How to Get Energy and Build Stamina Naturally?

Sydelle Enoch 

Waking up with a sense of lethargy can be a bad start to the day. Feeling tired and lacking energy can be difficult to overcome. You may be asking yourself how to get energy and build stamina naturally. One of the best ways to overcome this lack of energy is to take care of your feet.

Achy feet can affect the rest of your body. Give yourself a boost and pamper your feet by soaking them in a cool water mixture. Adding one cup of Epsom salt, 5-6 drops of peppermint oil and cool water in a bucket will leave you feeling refreshed. Allow your feet to soak in this foot bath for thirty to sixty minutes to realize the best results.

Build Stamina Naturally

After you have taken care of your feet, there are a number of additional tips that you can do in your quest to find out how to get energy and build stamina naturally. Work on controlling the level of stress within your body.

Undue pressure can consume large reserves of your body’s natural functioning. Discussing your issues with others can be helpful as well as taking time to meditate or enroll in a yoga class. If you are feeling overworked or involved in too many activities, take steps to reduce the amount of personal responsibilities. Determine the priorities in your life and ask for help when needed.

Taking care of your physical health is one way on how to get energy and build stamina naturally. Regular exercise helps to promote robust sleep and allows your cells to utilize energy and oxygen more efficiently. Physical activity also releases stress hormones such as norepinephrine and epinephrine that help increase energy levels.

As you improve your physical health, avoid the habit of smoking. While the many dangers of cigarette smoke are well known, it can also cause insomnia. The stimulating effects of nicotine make it more difficult for a body to relax and fall into a deep sleep. The cravings for the tobacco can wake up from a restful night.

Another method on how to get energy and build stamina naturally is to monitor your liquid intake. Caffeine can be helpful in achieving alertness but should be used cautiously. Avoid any caffeinated drinks after 2 pm so that it doesn’t interfere with sleeping habits. The tradition of a cocktail at lunch can actually strengthen the desire to take an afternoon nap.

Late afternoon drinks can also decrease energy later in the evening. Use liquor in moderation as a means to help you wind down from an energetic day.

Finally, increase your water consumption. While there are many different sports drinks that claim to boost performance, water is the only nutrient that is required to eliminate the feelings of fatigue.