4 Foods You Should Avoid to Improve Your Skin Complexion

Sydelle Enoch 

It is common knowledge that certain nutrients can help parts of the body in working better. For example, consuming fish which are rich in good fat (omega-3 fatty acids) can help the heart function better. However, there are also foods that are harmful.

Foods You Should Avoid to Improve Your Skin Complexion

Let’s take a look at the foods that have a negative impact on skin health. In other words, if you want to achieve better skin complexion, these are the foods you should avoid since they can cause blemishes, rashes or breakouts.

Foods High in Saturated Fat

Fat is essential in the diet. However, this involves the right kind of fat which is omega-3 fatty acids. Foods containing a high amount of saturated fats, trans fat and hydrogenated oil can have a negative impact on the skin. These kinds of fat usually accumulate in cells and cause abnormal build-ups.

Saturated fat and other bad fats can also promote the proliferation of toxins and free radicals in the body which can cause different skin and health problems. ON the other hand, good fat can be beneficial to skin health.

Food High in Sugar

Recent studies indicate that when blood sugar increases drastically, the person is more prone to acne. This is because high blood sugar causes an insulin spike to absorb the high amount of sugar. Several researches indicate that insulin plays an important role in the development of acne. To avoid blood sugar spikes, minimize consumption of high sugar foods like cake, pastries, soft drinks, candy, sweetened chocolate, etc.

Food with Gluten

You have probably noticed the popularity of gluten-free food from bread to pastries. Some people are allergic to this protein which can cause damage in their small intestine. Many people don’t have this problem but are sensitive to gluten. In these cases, it can cause skin problems like rashes. One way to avoid skin problems and improve your skin complexion is by avoiding food with gluten.

Dairy Products

There is still no clear connection between acne and dairy products. However, there are many theories about it. According to a study by William Danby, MD who is a renowned skin specialist, dairy products may contain certain components connected to testosterone which may stimulate the oil glands of the skin making it more prone to acne.

Although some studies have shown the association between acne and dairy product, the cause and effect is still indefinite so dairy products are still not proven to cause acne. However, the many anecdotes of people who stopped dairy intake and experienced considerable improvement in their acne problem may indicate that there really is a connection between the two.

Take note that dairy products are one of the vital sources of vitamin D and calcium which is important for bone health is if you cut back on your dairy intake, it would be best to take these in supplement form.