Eye Serum Vs Eye Cream – Which One is Best?

Sydelle Enoch 

If you’re in the market for an anti-aging eye product, you have probably come across eye serums and eye creams. There is a high chance that you have also come across the eye serum Vs eye cream debate that has been going on for many years.

But what it the main difference between the two? Why do people prefer one over the other? Which is really more effective in fighting signs of skin aging around the eye area? These are among the top questions that you are probably asking.

Let’s take a close look at eye serums and eye creams to find the answer.

Eye Serum More Advanced?

Eye Serum Vs Eye Cream

Companies usually market eye serums as an advanced version of eye creams. They usually mention a more powerful formulation including a higher concentration, most advanced ingredients, etc.

However, upon closer inspection the ingredients are usually the same and the concentration is also usually not different. According to marketing experts, people usually associate the term “serum” with something more advanced. This is why people usually think a product is more effective if it is a serum.

Just a Marketing Ploy

The truth is that this is just a marketing strategy that companies use to have some kind of edge against the competition. Since most people associate the “term” serum with something newer and more effective, it can directly have a positive impact on sales.

The eye serum Vs eye cream battle is one that really doesn’t make much sense if you really think about it. There are many other more important factors that you need to consider when it comes to anti-aging eye products.

Ingredients: The More Important Factor

If you really want to find an anti-aging eye product that works, rather than getting pulled into the eye serum Vs eye cream debate, you should instead focus on the product’s ingredients.

A little research will help you determine the ingredients that really work and those that are as useful as plain water. Whether the product is an eye cream or an eye serum, it won’t really work if its ingredients are not effective in targeting the signs of aging around the eyes.


  • The bottom line for consumers is not to be deceived by marketing tactics and focus on its effects. There is really not much difference whether an anti-aging product is called a cream or a serum. The most important part is if it really works in doing what it stated on the label like eliminating fine lines and other signs of skin aging around the eyes.

    To determine if it works or not, a little research like learning about the ingredients of a particular product can help you. This way, you won’t be wasting your money on something that doesn’t really work.

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